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School Profile

Robert Gisler Elementary School is a TK-5 elementary school serving approximately 540 students. Gisler School is located in the Fountain Valley School District in Orange County. Gisler students represent a cross-section of cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, displaying various levels of abilities from gifted to at-risk. All students receive core curriculum instruction as identified by the Fountain Valley School District and California State Standards. Teachers work collaboratively to design an instructional program to meet the specific needs of students using research-based instructional practices, strategies, and techniques. Gisler is committed to every student reaching a level of proficient performance in order to prepare him/her for the future. Strong parent involvement is evident and supports the vital partnership between home and school.

School Demographics:

Enrollment: 533
English Learners: 12%
Gifted and Talented Education: 1%
Special Education: 9%
Socio-Economically Disadvantaged: 18%
Hispanic: 21%
Vietnamese: 15%
White (not Hispanic): 49%
R-FEP: 1%